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Yeshiva Students

How can a yeshiva student maximize his time in the Bais Medrash?

Maalot’s partnership with your Yeshiva enables you to speed your way to your first degree- the BA -by earning most of the credit you need from your Bais Medrash studies. There are no external exams, no expensive test centers and no distractions. You can put all your energy into your Yeshiva Sedorim, connect with your Yeshiva’s Rebbeim, attend your Yeshiva’s shiurim and earn valuable credit in a manner which supports your Hashkafos.

Maalot believes that a Jew  is defined by his Torah values  no matter what profession or path he chooses in life. Maalot yeshiva students have continued their pre-professional studies either in Maalot yeshiva centers in NY or through other options  while maintaining these values and ideals. Maalot’s partnership with your yeshiva enables you to finish your B.A. in the most cost and time efficient manner possible.

Most Maalot students earn their degree through Thomas Edison or Excelsior College, however, other graduation options are available. Both Thomas Edison and Excelsior College accept most of the credits required for a BA from Maalot coursework.

The rest of your degree can be earned in a way that pinpoints your specific goals and abilities. Your Maalot advisor in your Yeshiva will guide you to finish your degree in a manner which is most suitable for your individual goals.

Maalot Yeshiva graduates have continued their graduate studies in professions such as business, law, accounting, Physicians Assistant and others.

All Maalot courses, both in Limudie Kodesh as well as pre-professional courses are recommended for college credit by NCCRS.  Click here to view our courses.

Maalot affiliated Yeshivas:


Maalot Queens

Yeshiva at IDT

First Seder

Toras Halev


Institute for Jewish Values (Aderet Hatorah)

Toras Chaim

Tiferet Zion

Bais Yisroel

Mikdash Melech

Ahavas Chaim

Tiferet Yerushalayim (TJ)

Nesivos Aharon

The Maalot advisor in your yeshiva will show you how our courses fit into a program plan to maximize your time, your talents, your financial options in order to reach your goals efficiently and be well prepared for your next step.

If you are enrolled at one of the above yeshivas contact the registrar in your yeshiva to join Maalot.

If your yeshiva is not on the list, ask your yeshiva  to be in touch with us to find out how your yeshiva can join