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Seminary Students

If your seminary is a Maalot affiliate, you can sign up for the Maalot credit option to add value to the seminary experience.

The cost of this credit option is $450 and enables you to earn a transcript for up to 39 credits. In addition, you have the option of earning more credits by  taking Proficiency exams. Click here for more information on Maalot Proficiency Exams.

Students who are on the Excelsior Israel Abroad program do not have to pay the credit fee since they have already paid a hefty fee to the providers ( TTI and Excelsior). These   students earn 30 credits for their seminary year.  However, they may take Maalot exams and earn credit to supplement the 30 credit block. The cost for this option is $300 plus the $20 grading fee per exam.

The 16 credit Hebrew Proficiency exam can be taken for a $75 grading fee while still in seminary.

Maalot affiliated Seminaries:

Bnos Avigayil

Bnos Batsheva

Bnos Chava

Bnos Sara

Machon Bnos Yehuda (BYA)

Machon Raaya

Mesores Rochel

Midreshet Tehilla

The number of credits you can earn in Proficiency exams depends on your seminary. Maalot offers these Proficiency exams on subjects that you have probably studied in seminary but for technical reasons you will not earn credit (for those courses). This is why each seminary has its own list of optional Maalot exams that do NOT overlap the courses that WILL appear on your transcript.

Each of these 3 credit exams can be taken while you are in seminary with no proctor fee or at a testing center near you until the end of August of your seminary year. However, once you leave Israel, you will incur the local proctor fee at the testing center.  There is no proctor fee if these exams are taken while you are in Yerushalayim. Once you leave seminary, you have until August of your seminary year to take these exams at other locations, however you will incur the local proctor fee.

If you are enrolled at one of the above seminaries contact your seminary or click here to register for Maalot credits.